Sessions Left Americans With More Questions Than Answers

During his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions left the American people with more questions than he did answers as it relates to his role on Donald Trump’s campaign last year and the ongoing Russia scandal. To date, Sessions has been caught repeatedly lying to the American public, and Congress, about his contacts with Russian officials during the campaign.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions frequent denials, deflections, and inability to remember basic details from the Trump campaign’s communication with Russia left Americans with more questions than he answered,” said Harrell Kirstein, American Bridge Trump War Room Communications Director. “But despite his best efforts to distract and dance around the truth, Sessions was caught admitting his previous testimony under oath – that neither he nor anyone else he was aware of on the Trump campaign has been in communication with the Russian government – was utterly false.”

“Time will tell if Sessions told more lies in front of Congress today. But in the end, every member of Trump’s campaign, his administration, and the President himself should fully expect to be held accountable. Trump and his cronies are not above the law.”

The key takeaways from today’s hearing:

  1. Sessions said he didn’t believe that he pushed back on any further outreach to Russians after meeting with Papadopoulos, despite Carter Page telling Sessions of additional contacts campaign aides were having with Russia.

  2. Sessions, who was chairman of the Trump campaign’s National Security Advisory Committee, said he didn’t remember communicating with Trump campaign advisor Michael Flynn about the dramatic changes the Trump campaign made to the Republican Party platform’s foreign policy section. How long until we find out this was another lie?

  3. Sessions denied he committed perjury despite changing his story on whether or not he knew of Russian contact with campaign staff.