Trump Using A Recess Appointment For A New AG Would Be Unconstitutional

President Trump is openly floating the possibility using a recess appointment for a new Attorney General, but such a move would be yet another example of obstruction of justice from a President who is already neck-deep in scandal. First, he tried to block the Russia investigation by firing FBI Director James Comey, but that only made things worse. Now, Trump appears to be shopping for an Attorney General to serve as an accomplice – someone willing to join the President in obstructing justice by ending Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Unfortunately for Trump, this plan won’t work either, as the Supreme Court and prominent Republicans have already made clear.
Here’s what President Trump should expect to hear from his fellow Republicans if he tries to make an unconstitutional recess appointment:

Sen. Mitch McConnell Called Recess Appointments A “Dangerous Threat To The Rule Of Law.” “It represents a clear, clear rebuke to the president’s brazen power grab… Today’s ruling is a victory for the senate, for the American people and for our constitution… The administration’s tendency to abide only by the laws it likes represents a disturbing and dangerous threat to the rule of law. That’s true whether we’re talking about recess appointments or Obamacare.” [MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell Reports, 6/26/14]

Sen. Chuck Grassley Called Recess Appointments “Lawlessness.” “These illegal appointments represent just one of the many important areas where President Obama has disregarded the laws with his philosophy of the ends justifying the means. We should all be thankful that the Supreme Court has reigned in this kind of lawlessness on the part of this administration. And it should also bring some confidence that at least from time to time, maybe not as often as our constituents think so, that the checks and balances of the government do work.” [CSPAN, 6/26/14]

Sen. Mike Lee Warned There’s “A Lot Of Danger” In Recess Appointments. “‘There is a lot of danger in the chief executive having too much power. We need a congress that can have the ability to push back against the president. We need to remind the President routinely that he is not a king.” [Fox News: Fox News Live, 6/26/14]

Sen. Bob Corker Called Recess Appointments “Incredibly Abusive.” “Well I think what is most abusive about what’s happened over the last week, is what’s happened with these NLRB appointees. They didn’t even come to the Senate until just maybe a couple weeks ago. So there’s been no hearings whatsoever on these. I think that is incredibly abusive, when again there’s not even been a chance for the Senate to take them up. You have no idea whether a confirmation would have gone through or not. He just decided to send a couple folks up and have them appointed. So I’m actually shocked with what he did with the NLRB.” [ Fox News: Happening Now, 1/5/12]

Sen. John McCain Called Recess Appointments “An Absolute Abuse of Power.”  “The president has put these far far left people, appointed them, quote recess appointments. Which is an absolute abuse of power. Another reason why the President of the United States should not serve another term. [Fox News: America Live, 1/5/12]

Sen. Rand Paul Called Recess Appointments “Unconstitutional And Illegal.” “Well you know I think the president is unaware that the constitution has checks and balances. He gets to appoint people but they are supposed to be approved by the Senate. Now he is now defining that we were in recess, but that’s news to us because Senators that are here don’t think we were ever in recess. So we don’t think the president should have that power, we think it’s unconstitutional and illegal and we are going to fight him in court.” [Fox News: Your World with Neil Cavuto, 2/1/12]


Sen. Tim Scott on SCOTUS Recess Apt Ruling “Absolutely Necessary” And “Everyone Needs to Follow the Laws of the Country.”   “Absolutely necessary unanimous rebuke of the president. Necessary. Everyone needs to follow the laws of the country.” [Fox News: On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,  6/26/14]