WATCH: Trump Bemoans Deadly Hurricane for Stomping on “Ratings” for Sheriff Joe Pardon

Just when you think Donald Trump can’t be any more of a disgusting human-being, he finds a way to sink even lower. This afternoon, Trump admitted he saw coverage of a deadly hurricane that is still, as we speak, wrecking havoc on Texas and Louisiana as an opportunity for higher ratings of a pardon for racist Joe Arpaio. The pardon, meanwhile, was decried by both Republicans and Democrats as it represented an unprecedented abuse of power and break from Justice Department protocol.

Watch Trump’s offensive comments here:  

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Trump: “Well a lot of people think it was the right thing to do, John, and actually in the middle of the hurricane even though it was a Friday evening, I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally you know the hurricane was just starting and I put out it that I had pardoned of as we call him Sheriff Joe.”