Bridge Project to Air Orlando Radio Ads as Trump Kicks Off Reelection on One Year Anniversary of Family Separation

Listen to the ad here

Ads are part of an ongoing five figure Trump accountability campaign from Bridge Project 

As Donald Trump kicks off his reelection campaign in Orlando today, Bridge Project will begin airing radio ads to hold him accountable for caging children and separating families at the southern border. The ads will run Tuesday on Pandora in the Orlando area, and come on the one year anniversary of ProPublica publishing the heart-wrenching audio of crying children who had been separated from their families at the border.

One year later, the policy still stands. The ads feature the audio from the ProPublica recording and are the latest phase in an ongoing five-figure campaign from Bridge Project that began last week in Iowa.

“Nothing sums up Donald Trump’s presidency more than him kicking off his reelection campaign on the anniversary of this horrific audio becoming […]

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One Year Ago

One year ago ProPublica released heart-wrenching audio of crying children who had been separated from their families at the southern border. They were innocent victims of a cruel Trump Administration policy that one year later still stands.

One year later, many children have yet to be united with their families and in some cases are being forced to live in what were described as “cages” in detention facilities.

To mark the one-year anniversary of the release of this recording, Bridge Project is today launching a radio ad to remind voters of Trump’s cruel policy that continues to this day. Its release coincides with the launching of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in Orlando, Florida.

To listen to the ad, airing on Pandora, click here:

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After Nielsen Resignation, American Bridge Repeats Call for Corporations to Deny Board Seats to Trump Administration Officials Involved with Family Separation

Days before the Trump Administration announced that it could take years to identify and reunite thousands of immigrant children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, American Bridge 21st Century Foundation joined, a coalition of progressive organizations urging corporations and CEOs not to hire administration officials who played leading roles in the outrageous practice of tearing families apart.

Now, following the resignation of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen as well as the removal of Secret Service Director Randolph Alles — both of which signify that Donald Trump plans to double down on his draconian border policies — American Bridge reiterated how crucial it is that the senior administration officials who designed and implemented this policy be completely shut out of the private sector executive and board room positions that are frequently given to former federal officials at that level.

“This appalling, brutal Trump Administration policy of family separation […]

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TRADE WAR WATCH: The Week In Trade War News

As Trump’s trade war intensifies, voters across the country are reading about the tariffs’ brutal effects on farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses — and they’re seeing Republican candidates fail to stand up to Trump’s reckless policies.

In Kentucky, WHAS News reports, “Soybean farmers in Indiana and Kentucky could earn hundreds of millions of dollars less this year if prices do not rebound soon.”

In Indiana, grain and beef cattle farmer Dale Whittsit says, “To say that it’s going to get better, that doesn’t do any good. With the farm economy as it is, some farmers may not be around next year.”

In Florida, with hurricane season underway, WEAR TV reports the price of hurricane shutters is on the rise, and “customers could pay at least 20-percent more because of the tariff.”

And in Spartanburg, South Carolina, major employer BMW has said “it might cut investment […]

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MEMO: Republican Candidates Side With Trump as the Trade War Punishes Key Midterm Voters



To: Interested Parties

From: Bradley Beychok, President, American Bridge 21st Century

Date: 7/19/18

Subject: Republican Candidates Side With Trump as the Trade War Punishes Key Midterm Voters

President Trump’s reckless trade war is slamming American farmers, workers, and manufacturers in battleground states and congressional districts with lower profits and higher costs — and Republican candidates are refusing to fight for them. From Florida to Montana, Republican candidates are betraying their constituents as the Trump administration’s reckless trade war goes on unabated — killing jobssqueezing small businesses, and driving up taxes on American consumers.

This memo is part of American Bridge’s new accountability campaign, #TradeWarWatch. In the coming months before Election Day, American Bridge will be holding Republican candidates accountable for failing to stand up to Trump’s trade war. To learn more about this effort, visit


Here’s what you need to know about how Donald Trump’s trade war is affecting key midterm voters — and how Republican candidates have no […]

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American Bridge Launches “Trade War Watch”

New Campaign Will Hold Republicans Accountable
for Trump’s Trade War


Today American Bridge is launching Trade War Watch, a campaign to hold Republicans accountable for failing to stand up against Trump’s reckless trade policy as the trade war slams states and districts across the country.

Trade War Watch will use a multi-pronged approach to spotlight the damage Trump’s trade war has done to communities across the country and highlight GOP candidates who have endorsed and enabled these reckless policies:

1. This morning American Bridge released a strategic memo on the impact of Trump’s trade waron the 2018 midterm elections. Click here to read the memo.

2. Today, American Bridge is also launching an inaugural digital ad campaign highlighting individual Republicans who are failing to stand up for their constituents. Trade War Watch’s first targets are Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley (ad here) and Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr (ad here).

3. American Bridge has launched, a real-time clearinghouse of state and local media clips and news coverage of the real life impact of Trump’s trade war. willserve as an information hub for progressives across […]

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New Ad Slams Josh Hawley for Applauding Trade War That’s Devastating Missouri’s Economy

The trade war begun by the Trump Administration is heaping damage on Missouri – hitting manufacturing and farming jobs alike  –  but Senate candidate Attorney General Josh Hawley is praising Trump’s reckless policy and refusing to fight back.

Even though family farms, manufacturing, and thousands of Missouri jobs are at risk — including a nail factory that employs 500 people — Josh Hawley has failed to endorse a single plan to protect Missourians from the escalating costs of this trade war.

As those costs grow, American Bridge’s Trade War Watch campaign is launching a new digital ad, “Josh Hawley Turned His Back On Missouri,” blasting Hawley for his weak response to the economic pain being felt by people who thought they could count on him.

In a recent radio interview, Hawley said he supported Trump’s reckless tariffs: “So my view on this is I support his goals… I think the president’s doing the right thing.”

“The reckless trade war that Josh Hawley welcomed is now pounding Missouri, and despite mounting costs, he won’t lift a finger for the people whose livelihoods are under attack,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “This cowardly inaction is not something that […]

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American Bridge Releases Groundbreaking Polling on #MeToo, Millennials, and Reproductive Rights

Today American Bridge’s Women’s Rights Initiative released groundbreaking polling results on how the #MeToo movement and reproductive freedom are driving historic voter enthusiasm  and political engagement. You can read the full memo HERE.

Key findings included:

#MeToo is viewed positively and motivating women to vote. Sixty-three percent of voters agree that the #Metoo movement has empowered women and girls. This is especially high among Millennial and African-American women. 
Reproductive freedom is a top voter value in 2018. Seventy-five percent of voters, including 84 percent of Millennial women, strongly agree that everyone must have the freedom to decide whether and when to become a parent. American voters remains staunchly pro-choice at 52 percent, with even higher numbers among Millennial women and African-American women. 
Enthusiasm is spreading “virally” through Millennial voters motivated by #MeToo and reproductive freedom. The Trump effect has created a surge in voters’ support for reproductive rights, and across all demographics, a […]

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American Bridge statement on Trump naming Larry Kudlow NEC Director

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after Larry Kudlow accepted Donald Trump’s offer to succeed Gary Cohn as director of the National Economic Council:

“Just hours after voters in Pennsylvania rejected Trump economics, Donald Trump is doubling-down on an agenda that sells-out the American middle class in order to further help the richest taxpayers. Larry Kudlow believes Medicare and Social Security are ‘bad ideas,’ supports tax breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas, opposes the existence of a minimum wage, dismissed the gender pay gap as ‘nonsense,’ and wants to eliminate the Department of Labor.

“Kudlow will not deliver the economic changes Americans need as the deficit skyrockets and healthcare costs rise because of Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy.  His fringe beliefs are perfect for Trump but wrong for the country.”

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