Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are opening the floodgates for more Wall Street bailouts

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in advance of the House vote on the Financial CHOICE Act, previewing an upcoming digital ad campaign from Bridge Project: 

“Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are selling out American families again – this time by opening the floodgates for more bailouts. Just one month after passing Trumpcare – which would deprive 23 million Americans of their health insurance in order to cut taxes for the rich – House Republicans are voting today on another key element of Donald Trump’s anti-middle class agenda: legislation that would gut Wall Street reforms put in place after 2008 to safeguard our economy from another financial crisis.

“Donald Trump attacked opponents in both parties for being ‘too close’ to the financial sector, yet his top economic advisers – including his Treasury secretary – now come from Wall Street banks. They’re clearly getting their money’s worth – and it’s costing innocent people.

“Unsurprisingly, this bill, the Financial CHOICE Act, has the strong support of Wall Street’s main lobbyists in Washington – but not of the millions of families that can’t afford to relive the financial crisis and don’t have powerful representatives who can whisper in Donald Trump’s ear. Beginning Friday, Bridge Project will highlight the truth of this for voters in 14 House districts.”