Leading Democratic War Room Launches Grassroots Online Mobilization Campaign to Protect Robert Mueller, Russia Investigation

Bridge Effort to Debunk Partisan Attacks, Amplify Patriotic Voices of Support


Bridge Project is launching a new grassroots online mobilization campaign to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia in the face of new, partisan attacks from Trump allies who are eager to protect themselves from criminal investigation. The new effort will zero in on dispelling false attacks on the investigation as well as mobilizing patriotic support for the independent probe.

The campaign’s website, AmericansDefendingMueller.com, underscores the importance of the investigation and features powerful personal endorsements from lawmakers and newspaper editorials boards across the country for Mueller’s reputation, credentials, and the investigation of Donald Trump’s ties to, and potential collusion with, Russia.

“Bob Mueller is universally regarded as a consummate professional of the highest integrity,” said David Brock, founder and Chairman of American Bridge. “The smear campaign against him by Steve Bannon and other Trump allies is an assault on our criminal justice system. By attacking Mueller, they are trying to protect criminal conduct. The issue is the rule of law — neither the President nor his cronies are above the law.”

The Bridge Project is promoting AmericansDefendingMueller.com with paid advertising on social networks to increase its reach and encourage Americans of all backgrounds to sign on in support.  Moving forward, the campaign will also engage in rapid response efforts and additional digital campaigns to respond to the ongoing anti-Mueller smear campaign run by radical allies of Donald Trump.  Fact checks and other resources will be updated in real time to empower Americans of all political persuasions to protect the Mueller investigation’s integrity and independence.

Trump and his allies have increased their attacks as it became clear that Mueller is zeroing in on some of the closest members of Trump’s inner circle including Paul ManafortRick GatesGeorge PapadopoulosMichael Flynn and Jared Kushner. But this desperate flailing hasn’t swayed public opinion.  Independent polling reveals the American people approve of Mueller’s investigation by a more than two-to-one margin, and Muller’s investigation approval is more than 20% higher than Donald Trump’s own approval rating from the American public.

“Americans must band together now. The foundation of our country, our democracy, is at risk,” reads the welcome message at AmericansDefendingMueller.com. “We must protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and his investigation, from those who want to shake the very core of America.”