Must Watch Moments From FBI Director Wray Hearing

Today, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced tough questions from the House Judiciary Committee. Republicans on the committee disgracefully repeated President Trump’s talking points and sought to undermine the credibility of our nation’s top law enforcement agency and the integrity of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. Fortunately, Director Wray pushed back and offered some reassurance to the American people that President Trump and the Republicans’ blatant politicization of the FBI and the Russia investigation will be held in check.

See for yourself: 

WATCH: Wray stated clearly that nobody, including Trump, is above the law and said “there isn’t a person on this planet that can get me to drop a properly predicated investigation.”

WATCH: Wray repeatedly contradicted Trump’s smear that the FBI is in “tatters.”

WATCHWray’s answer on obstruction of justice should make President Trump very nervous if he knew Michael Flynn lied to the FBI, as he claims, before he tried to stop the FBI probe.

WATCH: Wray affirmed Wikileaks has “published information designed to damage the United States” and Donald Trump Jr.’s multiple contacts with Wikileaks during the campaign is “right in the heart of what the Special Counsel has on his plate.”

WATCH: Wray contradicted Trump and asserted the FBI Director reports to the Department of Justice, not the President.

WATCHWray shut down GOP questions about anti-Trump political bias in the FBI.

WATCH: Wray said the removal of two FBI agents from the Mueller investigation does *not* sabotage Mueller’s investigation.

WATCH: Wray affirmed the US intelligence assessment that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government attacked our election to undermine our democracy and help Trump win.