Sanders Questions: Gaming the System Edition

It’s been nearly two weeks since the first Roy Moore allegations broke, and since then more women have come forward with stories of their own. President Donald Trump has refused to condemn the Republican candidate for Senate, instead saying it’s up to the people of Alabama to decide. It’s become clear that President Trump would rather have tax cuts for the wealthy than protect children from sexual assault.


American Bridge Trump War Room Communications Director Harrell Kirstein calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer the following questions:


1. Does the President agree with his counselor Kellyanne Conway that getting votes for tax cuts is more important than an alleged sexual assaulter representing the state of Alabama in the Senate?


2. Is it fair that the Trump administration needs to “game the system” in order to get the votes to pass tax reform, as Budget Director Mick Mulvaney put it yesterday?


3. Is President Trump nervous about Special Counsel Mueller’s request for documents from the Justice Department?


4. How many other communications with Russian-connected individuals did Jared Kushner omit from responses to requests from Congressional investigators?


5. Why did Kushner lie to Congressional investigators and tell them that he didn’t recall anyone on the Trump campaign communicating with WikiLeaks, when he knew Donald Trump Jr. was direct messaging the organization on Twitter?