Sanders Questions: #HandsOffMyBC Edition 

Hey Sarah, can you tell your boss to keep his #HandsOffMyBC and answer the following questions:

1. What public health need does taking away access to birth control from hundreds of thousands of women provide?

2. Why has President Trump hypocritically created such a lax workplace that his chief of staff John Kelly’s personal cell phone was compromised and he himself used an unsecured Android phone for months?

3. Will President Trump take Secretary Mnuchin to task in their meeting today over spending $800,000 in taxpayer dollars on flights? Will he demand Mnuchin pay back the American people?

  • 3A. When will former Secretary Price repay the American people for spending over $1 million in taxpayer money on private planes?

4. What “storm” was the President referring to last night? Does this White House understand war as anything other than a ploy for ratings?

5. Who in the White House directed FEMA to pull down information on its website about the devastation in Puerto Rico?