Week Ahead — Conspiracy Against The United States Edition

Two Trump aides have been indicted on charges of conspiracy against the United States and a third has pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. These explosive revelations mark a potentially pivotal moment in the ongoing investigation, but also serve as a stark reminder of how much Trump wrongdoing we already know about. Trump campaign officials and family members met with Kremlin-connected Russian operatives about receiving help from the Russian government. Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions both lied about contact with Russian officials. Trump’s former campaign chairman and national security adviser both acted as agents of foreign governments, while a top campaign donor tried to help organize stolen materials. In office, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey while, by his own admission, considering the ongoing investigation.

For a full map of all of Trump’s suspicious ties to Russia, check out: trumpconnections.ru

The charges are also a reminder of Republicans’ abject failure to stand up to Trump and hold him accountable. Vice President Mike Pence stood idly by while the president obstructed justice, and may have lied to the American people to help cover up the Flynn scandal. Congressional Republicans voted against releasing Trump’s tax returns, failed to pass robust protections for Mueller, and confirmed Jeff Sessions — who lied about his contact with Russian officials during the campaign — as Attorney General. Given the opportunity to interrogate James Comey about the president trying to obstruct justice, Republicans chose instead to zone in on Hillary Clinton’s emails. Today’s indictments are just the latest reminder that every day of Donald Trump’s presidency is a national security emergency and Republicans have abdicated their duty to protect the country.
Perhaps the most important question this week is whether Trump will spark a constitutional crisis by again trying to interfere with the investigation — and whether any Republicans will actually stand up for the rule of law if he does.


  • What will come of investigations into the Trump administration’s shady deal with Whitefish Energy Holdings — a small company based in the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke? Now that Puerto Rico has scrapped the deal, what will happen to the at least $8 million of taxpayer dollars handed out already?
  • In light of the White House’s statement that all of the women accusing Trump of sexual harassment and assault are lying, will media organizations give those women a platform to respond and tell their stories?
  • Will Republicans ever stop playing politics with children’s healthcare and reauthorize CHIP?

WHILE TRUMP TWEETS. Fewer than a third of Americans in Puerto Rico have power and more than one-in-five still have no running water. Meanwhile, a new report suggests the death count from the hurricane and botched response may be much higher than initially thought.

TRUMP WORLD THROWBACK. “Trump Announces Expanded Role for Top Aide Paul Manafort” (ABC, 5/19/16)

FROM THE MOUTHS OF. “We have some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, and some that are Nazis.” — John Boehner on Congress