Bridge Project Digital Ad — CPAC 2017: The Party of Hypocrites

Ahead of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Bridge Project today released a new digital ad, “CPAC 2017: Party Hypocrites,” showcasing Republicans who have refused to hold the Trump administration to the same standards they had for the Obama administration.

“Despite the disastrous and scandal-plagued first month of Donald Trump’s presidency, Republicans have refused to call out the new president for his repeated lies, unconstitutional policies, and extreme executive action. Republicans are standing by silently, while Donald Trump’s administration undermines core American values and fails to run the country efficiently,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.

Watch CPAC 2017: The Party of Hypocrites” here:

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Bridge Project Digital Ad — TRUMP: 28 DAYS LATER

American Bridge today released a new digital ad entitled “28 Days Later,” which, like the horror movie, depicts the terrifying 28 days following a world shaking event, in this case Donald Trump taking the oath of office.

“Just 28 days after taking taking the oath of office, the Trump administration has been plagued by scandals, lies, and a series of embarrassing public defeats. The gross incompetence displayed by Donald Trump and his administration poses a serious threat to the interests of the American people and puts our national security at risk,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.


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Eddie Vale Statement On Cruz’s Commitment to SCOTUS Obstructionism

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement on Ted Cruz’s indication he’ll carry on Republicans’ unprecedented obstructionism with respect to the Supreme Court vacancy:

“For a self-described ‘principled conservative,’ servile Trump puppy dog Ted Cruz sure spends a lot of time obstructing the democratic process and ignoring his constitutional obligations. The Republican Party’s disdain for any form of compromise created Trump, and Cruz is making it clear that the Party of Trump isn’t changing.”

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Gun Industry Drops $3M For Trump Via The NRA

One day after Donald Trump effectively called for “second amendment people” to take violent action against Hillary Clinton, the National Rifle Association — which promptly came to Trump’s defense in the aftermath of his inflammatory comments — is launching a new $3 million ad campaign attacking Clinton.

It’s no surprise that the NRA would intervene to give Trump a boost in the presidential race, because that’s what the organization is all about: bankrolling candidates like Trump, who they know will in return bolster the $13.5 billion-a-year gun industry’s hardline opposition to commonsense measures to curb gun violence.

The truth is the NRA doesn’t even represent the interests of America’s gun owners; it’s primary objective is advancing the gun manufacturing industry’s agenda. Look at the numbers:

49% of individuals living in gun-owning households support a ban on assault-style weapons; but the NRA opposes any of such bans whatsoever.

62% […]

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REPORT: NRA is the Gun Industry’s Lobbyist, With Its Stranglehold on the Republican Party

NEW BRIDGE PROJECT REPORT: Marketing Death—How the Gun Industry Uses the NRA to Boost Profits and Undermine Public Safety

“It’s the guns & ammunition industry that run the NRA and the GOP agenda, pulling the strings in Congress to block commonsense gun safety legislation, not everyday gun owners.”

                                        –Eddie Vale, Vice President, American Bridge 21st Century

Washington, DC—After this month’s mass shootings in Orlando, and along with the demonstration by House Democrats and Senate votes last week, most of the news coverage has rightly shined a spotlight on the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its obstructive role in preventing any commonsense gun safety legislation from becoming law. Bridge Project released a new report today, “Marketing Death” which reveals how the NRA’s advocacy agenda is more about protecting the profits and […]

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NEW REPORT: Texas Anti-Choice Groups Focus Beyond Supreme Court, Determined to End Women’s Right to Choose

U.S. Supreme Court To Rule On Texas TRAP Law, But It’s Only One Part of Anti-Choice Groups’ Radical National Agenda
New Report Shows How Texas Anti-Choice Groups and Donors Are Determined to End a Woman’s Right to Choose Nationwide

Washington, DC—Today, the Bridge Project and NARAL Pro-Choice America released a new report, “It’s a TRAP! How Anti-Choice Groups Have Used Texas to Push a Radical National Agenda,” about how Texas Omnibus Abortion Bill, known as HB 2 was designed to ultimately eliminate women’s access to abortion procedures by placing strict restrictions on providers and medical clinics. Now Texas HB 2 awaits a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on whether the Texas law imposes unconstitutional restrictions on a woman’s right to choose.

“Doctors and medical professionals agree that Texas TRAP law restrictions are “unnecessary” and in fact, endanger women’s health and safety,” said Anne Shoup, National Director of Bridge Project. “HB 2 is only a […]

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Kochs’ New Soft Ads Don’t Cover Up That They Are Responsible For Trump

The Koch brothers have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to create divisive political front groups, elect anti-working families politicians, and push out more negative political ads than any other political operation in the last six years. Today, in their continuing effort to soften their public image and avoid blame for the polarization in American politics, the Koch brothers announced their “End The Divide” ad campaign.

Below are remarks by Eddie Vale, Vice President of American Bridge:

“Kochs’ new PR blitz about being nicer to each other and solving inequality is as unbelievable as calling someone a textbook racist but still supporting them. Charles and David Koch are responsible for creating this environment that has given rise to Donald Trump in becoming the Republican presidential nominee.”

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Paul Ryan Should Withdraw Trump Endorsement Instead of Recycling Failed Poverty Agenda

Today is the first day of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” road tour, where he is rolling out his poverty reduction plan, with no solutions to actually reduce poverty in America.

Below are remarks by Eddie Vale, the Vice President of American Bridge:

“We were prepared to do an analysis of Speaker Ryan’s poverty plan, but it turns out there’s nothing new to actually look at since it’s all just the same old ideas put into a .pdf.
“If Ryan wanted to show a better way for the GOP and demonstrate real leadership at this event, he would withdraw his endorsement from Donald Trump.”

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U.S. Chamber Unites Trump and Anti-Trump Republicans Alike in Protecting Corporate Power

Although the Republican establishment may not all be on board with Donald Trump yet, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce appears to be the force to unite Trump and “not-yet Trump” Republicans alike behind a common core agenda: protecting their corporate power.

The U.S. Chamber’s “Save the Senate” campaign aims to protect Republican Senate incumbents who champion the Right’s pro-corporate, big oil & gas, Wall Street, and Big Tobacco agenda, all at the expense of working families and small businesses.

Check out the Bridge Project’s report about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Backing Corporate Greed.

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Paul Ryan Is Too Little, Too Late With Zika Virus House Bill

As House Republicans announce its $662 million Zika virus bill today, it falls short only ONE-THIRD of the $1.9 billion request of what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) needs to fight the global health emergency.

We are learning more information every day about the danger and spreading of the Zika virus beyond its effect on pregnant women but to the general population. And the CDC admits they don’t have the resources necessary to fight the mosquito-borne disease. President Obama has already transferred $589 million set aside for Ebola prevention to prepare for Zika, but now House Republicans want to raid more from that fund–still falling short of what CDC needs–to combat this impending public health disaster.

What is it going to take for Paul Ryan and the House Republicans to understand what’s at stake?

House Republicans Are Putting The Public At Risk By Failing To Act on Zika Virus
Health Officials Said […]

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