Bridge Project Released Report on Women’s Health Care: “Hands Off Our Care”

Despite pleas from their constituents, Republicans in Congress are set on taking away health care options. They particularly are looking for any excuse to take funding away from Planned Parenthood, which provides critical preventative care that helps keep millions of women, many of whom are dependent on safety-net providers, healthy.

Today, Bridge Project released a new report, “Hands Off Our Care,” which explains why the Republican solution to the problem of their own making – that community health centers can take over Planned Parenthood services – is simply wrong.

“Not only is the GOP endangering the lives of Americans with their promise to take funding from women’s health clinics, but their excuse is based on nothing but smoke and mirrors,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “If Republicans had their way, women around the country would not only lose access to trusted clinics and doctors, but in some […]

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Bridge Project Ads Target Heller and Flake on Trump’s Ties to Russia

Today, American Bridge 21st Century launched a digital ad campaign against Senators Dean Heller and Jeff Flake, holding them accountable for failing to back an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.

The ads will run for two weeks in Nevada and Arizona. The ads direct voters to sign a petition urging their Senator to support an independent investigation to find out just how entangled Trump is with Russia.

Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Donald Trump’s strange closeness with Vladimir Putin and his authoritarian regime is putting our national security at risk. As Trump refuses to speak out about Russia’s aggression, the questions keep piling up. With the stakes this high, Dean Heller and Jeff Flake need to support an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and get the American people the answers they deserve.”

The first wave of digital ads appear below:

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Bridge Project Digital Ad — CPAC 2017: The Party of Hypocrites

Ahead of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Bridge Project today released a new digital ad, “CPAC 2017: Party Hypocrites,” showcasing Republicans who have refused to hold the Trump administration to the same standards they had for the Obama administration.

“Despite the disastrous and scandal-plagued first month of Donald Trump’s presidency, Republicans have refused to call out the new president for his repeated lies, unconstitutional policies, and extreme executive action. Republicans are standing by silently, while Donald Trump’s administration undermines core American values and fails to run the country efficiently,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.

Watch CPAC 2017: The Party of Hypocrites” here:

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Bridge Project Digital Ad — TRUMP: 28 DAYS LATER

American Bridge today released a new digital ad entitled “28 Days Later,” which, like the horror movie, depicts the terrifying 28 days following a world shaking event, in this case Donald Trump taking the oath of office.

“Just 28 days after taking taking the oath of office, the Trump administration has been plagued by scandals, lies, and a series of embarrassing public defeats. The gross incompetence displayed by Donald Trump and his administration poses a serious threat to the interests of the American people and puts our national security at risk,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.


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Eddie Vale Statement On Cruz’s Commitment to SCOTUS Obstructionism

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement on Ted Cruz’s indication he’ll carry on Republicans’ unprecedented obstructionism with respect to the Supreme Court vacancy:

“For a self-described ‘principled conservative,’ servile Trump puppy dog Ted Cruz sure spends a lot of time obstructing the democratic process and ignoring his constitutional obligations. The Republican Party’s disdain for any form of compromise created Trump, and Cruz is making it clear that the Party of Trump isn’t changing.”

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Gun Industry Drops $3M For Trump Via The NRA

One day after Donald Trump effectively called for “second amendment people” to take violent action against Hillary Clinton, the National Rifle Association — which promptly came to Trump’s defense in the aftermath of his inflammatory comments — is launching a new $3 million ad campaign attacking Clinton.

It’s no surprise that the NRA would intervene to give Trump a boost in the presidential race, because that’s what the organization is all about: bankrolling candidates like Trump, who they know will in return bolster the $13.5 billion-a-year gun industry’s hardline opposition to commonsense measures to curb gun violence.

The truth is the NRA doesn’t even represent the interests of America’s gun owners; it’s primary objective is advancing the gun manufacturing industry’s agenda. Look at the numbers:

49% of individuals living in gun-owning households support a ban on assault-style weapons; but the NRA opposes any of such bans whatsoever.

62% […]

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