Editorials Roundup: Nuclear Vacation Edition

While the President is in the middle of a 17-day taxpayer-funded vacation, editorial boards across the country haven’t taken a break. This week they took Trump to task for threatening to start a nuclear war in between rounds of golf, pushing a reckless and racist immigration plan, stifling new climate change findings, and more. Take a look at what Americans read in their hometown newspapers in our weekly roundup:


Dallas Morning News: How Trump’s plan to cut legal immigration could backfire

Regrettably, the president seems to have made legal immigration into a boogeyman to join illegal immigration as a reason for job losses and lower American wages. He’s so wrong to fan these flames. Most economists and businesses agree that legal immigration has been a net benefit to the nation and a reflection of the country’s values and diversity. But Trump — along with bill sponsors Sens. […]

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Trump’s 17-Day Taxpayer-Funded Promotional Tour

The hypocrisy of Trump’s frequent golf trips to his properties in Virginia, New Jersey, and Florida at taxpayer’s expense, is no secret. Despite years of attacking past Presidential vacations and vowing he would never take one if elected, Trump doubled-up President Obama’s travel away from the White House over their first 200 days in office, while putting himself on pace to exceed Obama’s 8 years-worth of taxpayer-funded travel spending in his first year, alone.

The starkest difference between the two presidents as far as “vacation” days are concerned — beyond Trump’s increased time spent golfing, superior drain on taxpayer resources for his family’s travel, and general hypocrisy on the issue (including that he keeps getting caught lying about how he’s not golfing but busy with “meetings”) — is that Trump has spent his time at businesses he owns, turning the trips into promotional tours that funnel taxpayer dollars […]

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Editorials Round Up: West Wing Remix Edition

Remember Anthony Scaramucci? Yeah, that was Monday. This week — which felt like a year — editorial boards across the country once again took the Trump Administration to task, this time making clear that the problems plaguing the White House come from the top that no amount of unceremonious firings can fix it.

From adopting a flagrantly racist new immigration plan, to “jokes” about police brutality, to a new feud with the Boy Scouts of America, the Trump administration continues to be stuck in chaos and scandal. Here’s what Americans read in their local newspapers this week as the President heads off on a two-week taxpayer-funded vacation after accomplishing exactly nothing at work.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: White House shakeup still doesn’t fix Trump’s fundamental flaw

Trump, who has repeatedly berated Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the past, got his comeuppance when McCain tipped the balance in voting against […]

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Sanders Questions: USA! USA! USA! Edition

The Trump White House sure has an odd way of celebrating American Dreams week. First, they announce a plan that can only be described as ripping the American Dream away from those who want to live, work, and build a better life in our great nation. Then, the President is shamed into signing a sanctions bill to punish Russia for attacking our election, despite overwhelming, bipartisan support for the bill, under what looks like extreme duress. Oh, and the President called the People’s House a “dump.” What’s next?

American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer the following questions: 

1. President Trump defended his dozens of taxpayer funded vacations in the last six months by saying that the White House is a “dump.” Who does he think is actually blocking the door if he wants to just leave?

2. President Trump’s signing statements […]

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Sanders Questions: Complicit Edition

It appears the President is acting as his own lawyer in the Russia investigation and digging himself and his family in deeper by his own stupidity, the White House fell hook line and sinker for a spear-phishing cyber attack, and millions of people are still waiting to see if their insurance premiums will go up because the President is mad he failed to repeal Obamacare. Welcome to Tuesday and General Kelly’s second day as White House Chief of Staff. 

In response to the latest string of White House scandals, American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer the following questions:

1. Why did President Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow lie about Trump’s role in dictating his son’s statement about his meeting with Russian operatives in June 2016? Was he instructed to help with the cover-up by the White House? 

2. Why did President Trump personally oversee work […]

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WATCH: 6 Times Trump’s Lawyer Misled Americans About The President’s Role In The Donald Jr. Cover Up

The President’s lawyer was asked SIX times – and lied every time – about Donald Trump’s knowledge of his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised the Trump campaign dirt about Hillary Clinton in 2016. Last night we learned that not only was Trump aware of the meetings well before the White House suggested, but that Trump was also leading the effort to cover-up and lie to the public about Junior’s role in the scandal.

“Donald Trump is the most corrupt, untrustworthy President we’ve ever known,” said Shripal Shah, Vice President of American Bridge. “His personal involvement in the cover-up of his son’s potentially criminal behavior, and his legal team’s subsequent lies about what the President knew and when, is just the latest proof point.”
Jay Sekulow: Got To Be Clear, The President Wasn’t Aware Of The Meeting, Did Not Participate In The Meeting, Did Not Attend The Meeting And Was Only Made […]

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Sanders Questions: Screw The Mooch Edition

“Tired of all the winning, yet? President Trump promised to hire the best people but all we’ve gotten from this White House is a string of failures. Anthony Scaramucci is just the latest casualty. The White House is a disaster from top down and anyone who thinks that John Kelly can right this ship is delusional.” –American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden 

Here are some key questions for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who will certainly have her hands full this afternoon: 

1. With all of the shakeups at the White House, do you expect you’ll still have a job tomorrow? 

2. What does President Trump have to say to those who will suffer from higher premiums if he follows through with this threat to end Obamacare payments? 

3. What is the Trump administration going to do to other than threaten China on Twitter to address the growing threat of a nuclear […]

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Editorials Roundup: Unpresidential Edition

State and local editorial boards captured the outrage of Americans all across the country this past week. First, President Trump and the Senate Republicans failed- again- in their most recent attempt to rip health care away from millions of Americans all to give tax cuts to millionaires. Their effort can only be described as an embarrassing spectacle that culminated in forcing a vote on a bill no one read, without a hearing, in the dead of night.

Then, President Trump gave a highly inappropriate speech to the Boy Scouts of America- sparking such disgust that the organization actually had to apologize. If that wasn’t enough, President Trump desperately tried to change the subject from his failings by instituting an unconstitutional ban on transgender military service members. Again, President Trump met sharp rebukes from the Pentagon, his own party, and Americans all across the country for such an unpatriotic […]

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Trump Using A Recess Appointment For A New AG Would Be Unconstitutional

President Trump is openly floating the possibility using a recess appointment for a new Attorney General, but such a move would be yet another example of obstruction of justice from a President who is already neck-deep in scandal. First, he tried to block the Russia investigation by firing FBI Director James Comey, but that only made things worse. Now, Trump appears to be shopping for an Attorney General to serve as an accomplice – someone willing to join the President in obstructing justice by ending Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Unfortunately for Trump, this plan won’t work either, as the Supreme Court and prominent Republicans have already made clear.

Here’s what President Trump should expect to hear from his fellow Republicans if he tries to make an unconstitutional recess appointment:

Sen. Mitch McConnell Called Recess Appointments A “Dangerous Threat To The Rule Of Law.” “It represents a clear, clear rebuke […]

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Sanders Questions: Vote-a-Rama Edition

American Bridge Rapid Response Director calls on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to answer the following questions: 

1. Does President Trump support a “skinny repeal” bill even though it would throw 16 million Americans off their insurance and even cause four million Americans to lose insurance through their employer? 

2. Is the Trump administration threatening to retaliate against all Republican Senators for voting ‘no’ on health care proposals by stalling other policy and personnel priorities as reported in Alaska? 

3. Senator Grassley warned last night that the Judiciary Committee will not confirm a new Attorney General. Will you confirm President Trump won’t attempt a recess appointment to replace Jeff Sessions? 

4. Does President Trump agree with Anthony Scaramucci that Reince Preibus is behind leaks to the press? 

5. Yesterday you said it was up to the Pentagon to determine how to implement President Trump’s transgender ban. Today the Pentagon punted back to the […]

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