PHOTOS: No Rest for Obstructionist Senators This Recess


Senate Republicans received an earful as they were reprimanded by their hometown “bosses” during Spring recess. Their voters’ message was clear: Stop the obstruction and #DoYourJob!

Below are some of the events, news clips, editorials, and letters-to-the-editor that “welcomed” senators back home.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley
Sen. Kelly Ayotte
Sen. Roy Blunt
Sen. Richard Burr
Sen. Ted Cruz
Sen. Ron Johnson
Sen. Mark Kirk
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Rob Portman
Sen. Pat Toomey

Hopefully now, the Republicans remember who got them their jobs in the first place. We’ll see if the message over the last two weeks sinks in when the Senate returns to work on Monday…

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Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa

Huffington Post: An Iowa Teenager Just Shut Down Chuck Grassley’s Supreme Court Argument Jennifer Bendery, 4/1/16

MSNBC: Maybe It’s Time for the “Grassley Rule” Steve Benen, 4/1/16

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire


NBC News: Supreme Court Fight: Quarter of Republican Senators Now […]

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New Report: The KOCHstone State

How Koch Brothers Plotted to Takeover Pennsylvania, Benefitted From Budget Standoff

Read the report here:

As top state conservatives gather in Harrisburg today and tomorrow for the Pennsylvania Conservative Leadership Conference, many of the speakers and attendees are featured in the Bridge Project’s new report, “The Kochstone State: How the Koch Brothers’ Growing Influence Is Hurting Pennsylvanians.” The report lays out how the Kochs fostered and orchestrated the current political environment with their copious campaign donations and funding a network of radical political groups to drive their extreme, self-serving agenda.

From the Kochs’ aggressive in-state lobbying to get taxpayer-paid subsidies for Georgia Pacific, to pressuring state leaders to try to block oil and gas regulations, while they enable and supply fracking companies that contaminate Pennsylvania’s air, drinking water, and farmlands, the Koch machine has disrupted health services, threatened school closures, while casting the most vulnerable Pennsylvania residents into […]

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RECAP: Grassley’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Trip Home to Iowa

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair (& Strict Obstructionist-in-Chief) Chuck Grassley had hoped for a warm welcome home. Using the brief Senate spring break, he planned to explain to Iowa voters why the Senate is refusing to hold hearings and blocking the confirmation process for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. But things got off to a rocky start…


Roll Call: Grassley Can’t Escape Supreme Court Debate

By Bridget Bowman, March 29, 2016

Sen. Charles E. Grassley can’t seem to escape the debate over the Supreme Court nominee.

Back in Iowa for recess Monday, he faced 19 questions at two town hall meetings and a televised speech from Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton calling him out for his unwillingness to give President Barack Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, a hearing or a vote.

Then there was that pesky Ben Franklin, a protester dressed like the Founding Father and following Grassley to events, urging the senator to […]

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Predictable Conservatives Obstructing for the Sake of Obstructing

Just as Senate Republicans have lined up to deny any Obama nominee a hearing and a vote, conservative outside groups are doing the same–to obstruct the entire judicial process and give the Republicans cover for not doing their job.

To these conservatives, it’s never mattered who President Obama nominates. They are dead set on obstructing and opposing anyone the President puts up, even if they once praised and affirmed Judge Merrick Garland.

See below for now & then comments by:

Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute
Carrie Severino, Judicial Crisis Network
Ed Whelan, Ethics & Public Policy Center
Curt Levey, FreedomWorks Foundation
Jay Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice


Judge Merrick Garland Flip-Flops


Ilya Shapiro – Cato Institute


Ilya Shapiro: “Garland Has Shown An Alarming Amount Of Deference To The Government In His Years On The Important D.C. Circuit.” According to an opinion by Ilya Shapiro for CNN, “From my own perspective, Garland has shown an alarming […]

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REPORT: Strict Obstructionists

The GOP’s Politicization of Their Constitutional Duty

Read the report here:


Not even an hour after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death was confirmed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that Senate Republicans would forego their governing duty by refusing to replace the Supreme Court justice while President Obama was still in office.

Falsely claiming that there had never been a Supreme Court nominee confirmed in an election year, McConnell demanded President Obama to not nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia, vowing to not hold hearings on anyone the president put forward.

Senate Republicans were quick to fall into line behind McConnell, including the entire Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. High-ranking Republican senators have said they would not even meet privately with an Obama nominee.Aiding and abetting in this unprecedented obstruction is a bevy of conservative groups, backed by billionaire funders.

Leading the opposition to fill the vacancy is the ironically […]

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How Soon Ed Meese Forgets…

Ed Meese III is an Emeritus Fellow  at the Heritage Foundation and former US Attorney General under the Reagan administration.


In a Fox News op-ed today approving of the Senate Republicans’ obstruction to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, Ed Meese III, the former US Attorney General under Reagan said:

“Let the people decide the next justice with their votes for the next president — whoever it is. Don’t deny them that right this close to what is sure to be an historic election, that will not only determine where the American people want their country to go but the direction they want their court to take.”


As an Emeritus Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Ed Meese blasted Senate Democrats for pulling “shenanigans” with judicial nominees:

“Certain senators have made every effort to deprive President Bush of his power to appoint judges with the advice […]

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New Report: Do Women Float? The Extreme GOP Witch Trial of Planned Parenthood

For Immediate Release
March 2, 2016
Contact: Dawn Le, 202-549-6798


Do Women Float? The Extreme GOP Witch Trial of Planned Parenthood

Sen.Today, before the Republicans launch their first “witch trial” hearing on Planned Parenthood, American Bridge released a new, comprehensive report titled, “Do Women Float? The Extreme GOP Witch Trial of Planned Parenthood” connecting the eight House members from the “Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives” with their long-held anti-choice biases and associations with radical, anti-choice donors and activists.

Despite a grand jury ruling the videos released by the radical, anti-choice group, the Center for Medical Progress, were doctored and manipulated, the panel is resuming its investigation to mount the Republicans’ campaign to permanently defund Planned Parenthood, and ultimately eliminating a woman’s right to choose.

Below are brief summaries of the members’ public statements and actions:

The chair of the panel, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, has already pledged to defund “abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, […]

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Who the GOP Needs to Win in 2016…No One At CPAC

It’s hard when you can see what’s wrong, but you can’t do anything to correct it. That’s how the Republican Party must feel about CPAC. As thousands of conservative Republicans arrive in Washington, DC for the three-day jamboree, the Republican Party will have to balance how to appease its right-wing base but still attract and win over women, immigrants, and the youth vote.

From the looks of CPAC’s agenda, panel discussions, and guest speakers, the GOP has waved the white flag.

Check out this list of speakers, panels, and activists who will have a mic at CPAC:

Women Don’t Vote for Anti-Choice, Anti-Equal Pay Agendas

James O’Keefe of Project Veritasand his Protégé-In-Crime David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress are sitting down together for an “inside the activists’ studio” session – presumably they’ll be providing tips on how to misleadingly doctor up videos to inspire a congressional investigation to undermine women’s health and defund Planned […]

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Hard to Hear Senator Ron Johnson’s Excuses Over Voters’ Chants to #DoYourJob

​For Immediate Release
March 1, 2016
Contact: Dawn Le, 202-549-6798
Hard to Hear Senator Ron Johnson’s Excuses Over Voters’ Chants of #DoYourJob

Sen. Ron Johnson is in lock-step with Donald Trump’s marching orders to “delay, delay, delay” in replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Taking cues form the Republican leadership, he said our country “can wait until 2017 to name the next justice.” By blocking a nominee, Sen. Johnson is ignoring the outpour of letters to the editors,newspaper editorials, and recent poll of Wisconsin voters calling for him to rethink his position.

“Sen. Johnson is killing any chance to get re-elected if he keeps toeing the Republican Party line and ignoring his voters in an election year,” said Eddie Vale, the Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century. “‘Let the people’s voice be heard’ would be a lot more convincing if the people weren’t overwhelmingly shouting ‘Do Your Job, Sen. Johnson.’”

Read more at Bridge Project’s Strict Obstructionists.

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Hard to Hear Senator Portman’s Excuses Over Voters’ Chants of #DoYourJob

For Immediate Release
March 1, 2016
Contact: Dawn Le, 202-549-6798
Hard to Hear Senator Portman’s Excuses Over Voters’ Chants of #DoYourJob

Sen. Rob Portman made a lot more sense in 2013 when he put duty before politics and said, “Vacancies should be filled based on judicial needs rather than a political agenda.” But now, he’s flat out ignoring constituent letters to the editors,newspaper editorials, and the recent poll of likely voters calling on Sen. Portman to do his job.

“Sen. Portman has a lot to lose and very little to gain by following Mitch McConnell’s lead. Especially when he’s in the biggest fight of his political life, he should be paying attention to those letters to the editors, editorials, and op-eds in his home state newspapers than his Republican leadership,” said Eddie Vale, the Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century. “‘Let the people’s voice be heard’ is a good line from a politician, but you can’t ignore them when the […]

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